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104 x Cosmetics Mixed Bag | Assorted Cosmetics | Inc Collection & One Direction
104 x Assorted Cosmetics There are lots of brands which include Collection, Nailene, One Direction, Orlane, W7, Royal, Pink.

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The mix you receive now varies but the mix shown below gives you an idea on what is included, its always a good mix and very good value

5 x 100 Pink False Nails (3 x White shades & 2 x Pink) (Glue is dry so not included)
6 x Collection Mardi Gras Nail Polish (3 shades)
2 x Royal Instant Manicure packs
5 x One Direction Lipstick (5 shades)
3 x Collection Lasting Colour Polish (one shade Caramel)
6 x Royal Nail Polish
1 x Collection Nail Smash Polish (Black)
1 x Collection Nail Smash Polish (White)
3 x C2000 Pure Lipgloss (2-3 shades)
3 x One Direction Cheek Tint
2 x One Direction Lip Polish
2 x C2000 Colour Intense Trio eyeshadow
(2 packs of 4) Shades Glitter Nail Polish
6 x C2000 Hot Looks Nail Polish (2 shades Green and Brown)
4 x Pink Tease Nail Diamond nail art pens
2 x Nailene Manicure nail polish
1 x W7 Eyeshadow - Green
3 x Royal Lashed Out Instant Eyes eyeshadow
4 x Pink Tease Fur Nails Powder (4 shades)
4 x Orlane Assorted sample size cream
6 x Mardi Gras Lipgloss (3 shades)
2 x C2000 Lasting Colour Gel Eyeliner - Teal & Gold
2 x Body Rock Tattoo
1 x Collection Cover & Go Foundation
4 x Pink Tease Nail Art Pens (4 shades)
1 x Beauty UK Dazzle Dust
1 x Pink Acrylic Powders
1 x Collection Metallic Cream Eyeshadow (short fills)
2 x Pink Tease Bronzer
4 x Fashionista Tester pack cosmetics
2 x Collection eyeshadow Tester pack cosmetics
2 x NYC Green Nail Polish
2 x NYC Matte me Crazy Top Coat
1 x Bourjois Une Lipbalm
1 x Collection Nail Care instant Whitener
1 x Little Mix Nail Polish
The rest made up with other random items

We cannot give a colour breakdown for each type, but we will give the best and most varied mix we can.
When you buy from the Beauty Box you buy with Confidence. Every Item is 100% Guaranteed and Genuine . ** See Our Feedback ** We are an established supplier of over 20 years. For more info please contact us direct.
Product Price: £22.99
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